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Merlin Rocket

All of the following is valid as at April 2011.

Member of Merlin Rocket Assn. - It is a class rule that all owners of Merlins that race are members of the MROA. Simply print out an Application form from and include a cheque for £25 or better still set up a standing order and send off as instructed. Failure to be a member will exclude you from open meetings.

Certification Requirements for Merlin Rockets

To sail in compliance with requirements and certainly at an open meeting certification of your boat is required. This takes the form of three elements: Boat size, sails size and buoyancy. The following may be of use in obtaining correct certification:

Boat measurement Certificate -

- If you have acquired your boat With a certificate - send it to the Technical Dept, RYA, Ensign Way, Hamble, Hants, SO31 4YA (Tel: 023 8060 4100) and advise them that a) you are now the owner of the boat which is kept at TSC and b) to the best of your knowledge no significant alterations have been made to the hull.

- If you have acquired your boat Without a certificate - write to the Technical Dept. ( as above) and request a certificate for your Merlin Rocket No xxxx . If the boat has been registered then it is likely they will be able to send you a copy.

To make use of this service Members of the RYA may send a cheque for £15.72 and non Member should send a cheque for £25.53 . You can join the RYA on line for £39-43 depending upon how you pay.

Sail Measurement Certification -

Sails need to be measured by a qualified measurer. Once measured he will mark on the sails the size of each sail and sign and date the measurement. Many of us will buy second hand sails from different sources and it is important not to exceed the overall sail area permitted - 'shall not exceed 10.20 square metres'. ( Taken from Merlin Rocket class rules - see: Further advice includes '

With regard to sails, we do not register sails on the certificate - there are no restrictions on how many you have. What we do have to do is to check that the sail measurements match the rig set up on the certificate, in terms of total area (M&J), main half and three quarter height, and jib area. We also need to check the boom band dimension against the sail and the certified measurement.'

Sails can be measured by any Merlin Rocket Owners Assn. measurer and our nearest is Rob Heath (tel: 020 8255 0959).


This is semi self certified. You can perform the test as detailed in the Merlin Rocket Class Rules (copy held in the white ring binder in the Race Box or print your own copy as above paragraph) but you will need a 'club official' to witness the test. (cost usually a beer!!). The rule also states:

New boats with any form of buoyancy other than a bow tank shall pass the requirements of the Immersion Test detailed in rule 16(b). The buoyancy shall thereafter be endorsed annually after fulfilling the requirements of the Inspection. Boats constructed with bow bags or rigid buoyancy units (e.g. polystyrene) may have their buoyancy endorsements renewed twice by Inspection after an Immersion Test, but every 36 months an Immersion Test is obligatory '.

Insurance -

It is recommended by the Club, RYA and MR Assn that third party insurance should be taken out. This is readily available, check the web for Merlin Rocket insurance or talk to another owner. CraftInsure charge me £75. Can be set up on-line.

Thames Licence -

This is a requirement of the Environment Agency. This annual licence can be obtained from the Environment Agency. Download the application form from and send it off to the Agency with a cheque for £30. Alternatively a licence may be obtained from Molesey Lock again for £30 - cheque or cash.

Note all of the above is deemed to be correct as at April 2011.

Last updated 13:03 on 20 May 2020

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