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Thames Sailing Club Paddleboard School

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Thames Sailing Club Paddleboard School:

The original Paddleboard School started in 2008 by Brian Johncey soon built up a reputation of excellence and fun training, being the first ASI qualified school in Europe. The school established a great relationship with The Thames Sailing Club in Surbiton in 2010 where it has remained ever since.

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Paddleboarding at the Thames Sailing Club:

  • TSC Paddleboard Lessons run on the principle of safety, knowledge, fun and more fun.
  • The Paddleboard School at TSC was the first ASI accredited SUP School in Europe
  • Our comprehensive Paddleboard lessons take you through every aspect of SUP

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The TSC Paddleboard School Facilities & Syllabus

TSC Paddleboard School Facilities:-
Club House:
We have use of the Club House, changing rooms, toilets & showers
Car Park:

The Club has its own private car park for members and school Paddleboard School participants

Overall Safety:

  • Awareness of the environment and potential risks of chosen paddle locations:
  • Other water craft and rights of passage
  • Coastal tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Static and dynamic hazards
  • Winds & wind fetch.
  • River flows and currents
  • River tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Leashes
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Locks
  • How to cope with emergency situations
  • Self rescue
Equipment review:
  • Board designs including hard shell and inflatable plus their relevant advantages
  • Paddle designs and their relevant advantages
  • Using a board leash, which of leash to use etc.
  • We will have a variety of equipment to demonstrate the various attributes
Land based practical:
  • Attaching the leash to your board correctly .
  • The correct way to stand on the board, including footedness
  • How to pick up and carry the board safely with consideration to current conditions.
  • Paddle height - Finding the correct starting point for paddle height
Water based technique:
  • Entering the water safely and things to be aware of
  • Getting on board
  • Paddle technique including the 4 phases of:-
    • 1. Blade entry
    • 2. Catch
    • 3. Stroke
    • 4. Recovery
  • Moving the board past the anchored blade
  • Core rotation
  • Knee paddling and prone paddle technique
  • Transition from prone paddling to standing with paddle to start paddling
  • How to fall off the board safely
  • How to turn the board
  • Safe dismount from the board with paddle
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