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Home / SUP / Questions and Answers
Home / SUP / Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

When do you run lessons?

Every Saturday morning from mid March to end of October

Will I be able to do it first time?

Yes! Stand Up Paddle boarding is not a falling-in sport. Virtually none of our clients fall in - and any dunkings that have occurred are almost always due to over-exuberance (and thus entirely avoidable if you want to stay dry!). We guarantee that you'll be on your feet and paddling within your first session.

Can I practise and improve my SUP skills without having to buy a board?

Absolutely, You can come along on any of our lessons and use any of our boards to practise and improve you SUP skills, you can arrange this by clicking here

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely, we would recommend trying the board you want to buy. You can arrange a demo by clicking here

Do I need water sports experience at all, would it make a difference?

No but previous water sports experience is an advantage but it will make no difference, you will still be SUPing by the end of the lesson

What equipment do the SUP School HQ use?

Buoyancy aids will be provided but you will be expected to bring along any personal equipment that you require such as: Trainers that can get wet or wetsuit booties and a towel (just in case).

Please refer to the Our Equipment page for all details about the fleet of boards and top end paddles including 100% carbon paddles we use.

What are the class sizes?

There will be at least one fully qualified ASI Instructor taking the class with a maximum of 8 students to a class as we feel this is the maximum to operate safely. In Addition to the ASI qualified Instructor, our classes also incorporate experienced paddlers with a minimum ratio of 4 students to an experienced paddler, we have found our students benefit greatly having experienced paddlers on hand within the lesson.

Where is the teaching location?

Our SUP lessons take place at Surbiton on the quite waters of the River Thames with some great back drops.

What if I can't swim?

Like any water sport, it is highly recommend that can swim. However, we have buoyancy aids and will ensure that you go no deeper than chest high in the water should you be unfortunate enough to fall in.

Can I be taught to SUP surfing?

We only teach on flat water and open water environments. Our SUP lessons will not teach you to surf. However, Once you have successfully completed your flat water SUP lesson, you can join in on one of our SUP Surfing coaching sessions at the coast.

What qualifications do the instructors have to teach?

We are ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) qualified and an ASI Accredited Stand Up Paddle (SUP) School and abide by the high international standards for SUP school operations.

Who are ASI?

Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) is the world's leading education and accreditation organisation in the surf industry, specialising in surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding. They train accredited instructors, and issue ASI accredited school status according to the ASI worldwide standard.

Once I have completed the SUP Lesson, what next?

Now that you can SUP safely and in control, you can join in with us on our SUP adventures, we paddle every Wednesday evening and a lot of Sundays

Does it cost me anything to join the Blue Chip SUPer Club?

No, you can just come paddling with us, SUPing is a very sociable sport and the more the merrier. Just click here to register yourself with the Club by sending an email to us. We will then keep you informed on all our SUPer Club paddle outings.

Do I need my own board to come SUPing with the Blue Chip SUPer Club?

No, you can rent a board, paddle and leash from us. This is usually £30 for the day/evening. Just click here to register yourself with the Club by sending an email to us. We will then keep you informed on all our SUPer Club paddle outings.

Now I can SUP, what about some coaching?

Our Coaching Sessions are aimed at beginner to intermediate paddlers. If you want add even more enjoyment to your paddling, join one of our tailored coaching sessions. The paddle is by far the most important piece of your SUP equipment By improving your paddling technique, you will decrease your fatigue levels and increase your performance levels. Improve your Paddling by joining us on any of these regular advancement sessions

Last updated 19:44 on 16 January 2020

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