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15 Apr 2014

Racing Report - April 14

Well, last Sunday saw Chris M and Saul sail to victory in blustery conditions….the competition spent time removing barnacles from its hull….we shall say no more!….

This week saw the return of Tuesday night sailing.

The weather was fabulous…hot and sunny which made the beer afterwards thirst quenching. The wind was enjoying the warmth too and was far to relaxed to do much blowing….. Chris M and Nicki and I managed to get round mark A and saw off the Omega’s. It was cat and mouse with the ‘puff’ shifts but ultimately Chris sauntered off for the win…grrrr.

Thanks to race officers, safety and everyone else who chipped in.

This weekend was the Tamesis vintage open on Saturday and open on Sunday. We towed the boats down Friday night and Saturday morning, once again basking in the sunshine. 

Well done to Thames on Saturday for outnumbering everyone else,…very impressive. The wind was great and everyone enjoyed a great sail, so well done Chris M, Phillipa, Steve B, Stephan, Nicki, Nick H and his crew (apologies for lack of

Sunday was a cracker too with plenty of spinnaker action (Marty breathes a sigh of relief) and 17 boats on all 3 starts, we even had a 3 sail hiking reach!!!! 

Thanks to Steve B, Chris M, Saul and my faithful crew Mart…and of course Ben Marshall who motored down to rescue all of us and tow us back to Thames.

I look forward to seeing you all out sailing this well as taking part in the world famous ‘Bloody Thames’ this Easter Sunday which is a pursuit race for all fleets up to Hampton Court. So watch out for Ben M and his Portsmouth yardstick…


Today Medium-level cloud 11 °C 11 3
Sun Heavy rain shower (day) 12 °C 13 2
Mon Light rain shower (day) 15 °C 7 3
Tue Light rain shower (day) 14 °C 4 3
Wed Light rain shower (day) 15 °C 9 2

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